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21 May 4 min read

What to Wear to a Medicine Interview? Examples, Tips & Mistakes

👔 Medicine Interview Dresscode: What to wear to a medicine interview

Generally, you are expected to be dressed formally to appear professional in your medical school interview. Even though you are not assessed directly on your attire, it affects the first impression and how you come across.

💻 Online Medicine Interview Dresscode:

What should you wear to an online medicine interview? Whatever the interview format, the dress code, and therefore your outfit, stays the same.

Technically you could go with sweatpants and your favourite slippers for an online interview, hoping nobody will ask you to stand up. However, we’d recommend you to wear a full, formal outfit (including the shoes!) even to an online interview. It will help trick your brain into thinking that you should treat that call with more seriousness and focus than a casual online class.

👩 Girls: Medicine Interview Dresscode:

Formal and professional... what does that mean in practice?

For girls, that may mean a suit, a suit jacket with a matching knee-length skirt, a bow blouse, a shirt, and trousers. As for the shoes, the best options include loafers, formal flats, heels (but not stilettos), pumps or oxfords.

Jewellery can add elegance to your outfit, but make sure it's conservative, small, monochromatic and isn't noisy! Overall no part of the outfit should have the potential to distract the interviewers - they should primarily focus on the content of your answers.

👨 Guys: Medicine Interview Dresscode:

For guys, the options are slightly more restricted than for girls. In terms of the top and trousers, a dark suit with a white or light blue shirt will go a long way. Although not a necessity, if you want to add a tie, go for a tie with an elegant, toned-down pattern.

As for the shoes, oxfords and brogues made from dark brown or black leather or suede are probably the safest choices.

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❌ What NOT to wear to a medicine interview:

Whether you want it or not, remember that your appearance says a lot about your professionalism, which in medicine is of key importance. Therefore avoid smart casual or casual clothing (jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, sneakers etc.), as it could signal to the interviewers that you don’t treat the interview seriously and that getting into medical school isn’t something very important to you.

Furthermore, abstain from wearing bright and flashy colours. Such clothing makes you look less professional and may be even distracting to the interviewer. It's better to stick to neutral and elegant tones, such as black, white, navy and grey. This will ensure the interviewers can focus on your answers as opposed to your clothes.

Lastly, is a controversial one - loud labels. Your medical school interview is the last place you want to show off your fashion sense, clout or social status. Hence, it may be a better idea to leave your concert shirts or flashy belts at home and exchange them for plain, non-branded alternatives.


✅ Medicine Interview Dresscode: TOP Tips:

1.Comfort is as important as looking smart. Ensure that the outfit you choose does not pinch you anywhere, nor is it too tight - you don't want that to distract you.

2.Leverage your outfit to make you feel good and confident. You can probably tell from experience that the clothes you wear can either diminish or boost your self-confidence and energy. Hence, choose an outfit that you know you feel and look comfortable in. If you are a heels person, wear heels. If you feel better in flat shoes, wear flats.

3.Check your outfit in advance for stains or holes. You don't want to find out on the day of the interview that your attire is not fit for use and cause yourself unnecessary stress.

4.Search online for inspiration. You can use "business formal" or "business professional" as keywords.

🎉 BONUS Tip:

Don’t forget to wear a smile! It may seem trivial, but a smile and generally positive facial expressions can go a long way. Remember that your body language can speak as loud as words. Make sure you show your excitement and eagerness during your medicine interview through open body language and a smile.