Alex | Founder of Medfully
30 Dec 3 min read

4 Ways To Manage Stress When Waiting for Interview Invitations & Outcomes

All aspiring medics waiting for universities to get back to them know the stress response whenever they hear an email notification. We've all been there. 

The anticipation is sometimes more stressful than the actual admissions process and, unlike an exam like UCAT or BMAT, the waiting seems endless. 

However, there are a few ways that helped me mitigate that stress, allowing me to better focus on my studies and interview preparation in the meantime:

1. Plan your leisure.

Anxious thoughts usually haunt us when we have an idle moment. Our mind is not occupied, so they start creeping in. 

However, planning your chill time can help you avoid such moments. When planning the day, think about what you'll do after you are done with studying and write it down. 

This will help you switch immediately between tasks and keep yourself and your mind occupied.

2. Uninstall the email app or turn off notifications.

Ever since you've sent your application you probably catch yourself checking your email more often. Definitely more often than you should. 

It's tempting to grab your phone every 10 minutes to see if, by any chance, any of the universities got back to you. But, from experience, you can tell that it causes more stress than it reduces. 

Uninstalling the app or turning off notifications will make it harder to check email constantly and reduce the stress-inducing urge. 

And you'll still be able to stay up-to-date with the status of your application from your laptop or PC.

3. Let off the steam.

Throughout the interview period, do regularly whatever works best for you as a destresser. 

Be it sports, playing an instrument, switching off with your favourite series, handing out with friends, make sure to make time for those activities.

4. Healthy body = Healthy mind

At this point in your life, staying healthy may be more important than ever. 

Numerous studies have shown that a lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, and a poor diet all make stress accumulate. Therefore, don't forget about the fundamental habits of staying healthy, such as hydration, sleep, a good diet, and exercise. 

Good luck with your interviews!